Passion for video

If we combine our passion for photography, our love for film and our desire for  keep all the memories and turn them into a movie story ... this is the only way you can understand the dedication and esthetic sense we put into every wedding videos.

As in photography, weddings try to merge with the environment  and capture those moments full of feeling that make this day very special.

We have a high training in the two most prestigious film schools in Spain: The Madrid Film Institute and EFTI and has experience in many weddings as shooting both video and advertising.

For recording weddings usually go one player with recording equipment DSLR and many accessories. All the material is recorded in Full HD and then edited. This is the things we do in a simple wedding coverage:

Canon DSLR + backup camera
Aperture lenses
LED lighting for certain shots
Special tripod for video

We deliver a video (12-15 minutes) that sums up your story and a short version video 2-4 minutes to watch on mobile and show to their friends and family. This short video is like a videpoclip.

All material is delivered in a quality Full HD DVD and a USB flash drive. Besides the short video is delivered in mobile quality to send whatsapp.

edicion de video de boda


After the wedding, we usually have a 60-80Gb raw material that we downloaded into the computer and an external hard drive as a backup because as you can imagine the responsibility to keep well this material is paramount.

A first step involves editing the preview of the material, where we see a couple of times  recorded as we take notes on a sheet; notes as important moments, ideas that come to mind of music, a phrase we can highlight, possible fragments to finish the video and summarize your story well ... definitely a draft document could be considered the script of your history.

Then we select the music that best going to tell your story and we started with Mount for imparting some pace and the story begins to be magic.

In the next stage, we have to perfect the assembly with a transition effect and carefully much the inputs and outputs of each sequence so that everything has a clean cuts also adjust the volume of the audio (both music as a sound of their own recording)

We are already finishing the video, we now turn to retouch color, light and shadow. At this stage, as pictured we make great adjustments, though, this does not mean that we dedicate little time; but the result we seek is natural.

Finally, some of the most important is to export the entire project in a high quality and to a format suitable for viewing. This process may seem unimportant, but after working long hours while preserving the highest quality, we can not export the project in any way and must take into account the support which is to be displayed.